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Link Download

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3 – Test with 6.72

CUSA13893 – EUR

Thank @DUPLEX & dorukhan

Game : LetsZippy1File (Multi)1File

Fix 5.05 : Download

Update 1.09 : LetsZippy1File (Multi)1File

Update 1.09 (Fix 5.05) : Download

Update 1.10 : Lets – Zippy1File

Update 1.10 (Fix 5.05) : Download

Note : Link Zippy only use with Jdownload2


Audio languages: English.
Subtitle languages: English, German, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Turkish and Spanish.

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Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more all while trying to survive.

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There seems to be a save game bug present in the 1.10 update. Read below details on how to fix this bug if it happens to you.

When you sometimes try to save the game it says something like
“Save data saving failed (Screenshot/**************.jpg).”

image – comment image

It has something to do with the screenshot you take using R3 button inside the game. When you browse for your pictures using the pda, you can see those bugged screenshots which only appears as a white rectangle, and it won’t let you open them or remove them.

image –comment image


  1. Pause the game go to the ps4 dashboard using the ‘PS’ button on the controller
  2. Go to you exploit host in your browser.
  3. Launch the ‘FTP’ payload (the notification says you the address of the ps4 ftp)
  4. Go to your PC which is connected to the same network as your PS4.
  5. On your PC launch Filezilla(or any ftp client) and connect to your PS4 IP that displayed on the notification when you launched the FTP payload.
  6. Go to /mnt/sandbox/CUSA13893_000/temp0/TempSave/tmp560903/screenshots and delete all of the files in there. (tmp560903 this folder may has a different name in yours)
  7. Then go a directory back and go to ‘BatchObjects’ folder and delete only the files which has ‘0 KB’ of size in them.
  8. Do the same as the above step for the ‘CellsCache’ folder.
  9. Now go back to the PS4, resume the game and try to save. It should now save successfully. But it is not over yet. If you quit and load the save backup again, you will once again has those bugged screenshots on your pda. We did these steps in order to save the current progress.
  10. Now keep the game running and go to your browser again and go to your exploit host.
  11. Launch the ps4debug payload.(Now some exploit hosts have this payload built into them, if your exploit host doesn’t have this payload, you have to launch the ‘bin loader’ payload and use your PC to load the ‘ps4debug’ payload using netcat)
  12. Then launch the FTP payload
  13. Now go to your PC and launch the ‘Playstation 4 Save Mounter.exe’ (you can get this program here for 5.05, here for 6.72, here for 7.02, here for 7.50 and 7.55)

Now the following steps are for 6.72 and above PS4 users, skip these steps and go to the 5.05 steps below these if you’re on a firmware below than 6.72.

  1. Input your PS4 IP address and click ‘connect’, then click ‘setup’.(if the name displayed on the dropdown box after clicking ‘setup’ is not the username currently in use, click it and change it to the current one)
  2. Click ‘Get Games’, choose ‘CUSA13893’ in the dropdown box.
  3. Click ‘Search’, choose ‘slot0000’ in the adjacent drop down box.
  4. Click ‘Mount’ and minimize the application.
  5. Now go to your ftp client and connect to your PS4. Go to ‘/mnt/sandbox/NPXS20001_001/savedata0’ (if this directory is not there, check here /mnt/sandbox/CUSA13893_001/savedata0)
  6. Delete all the files that has a filesize of ‘0’ in them.(Don’t delete the ‘sce_sys’ folder)
  7. Go back to ‘Playstation 4 Save Mounter.exe’ and click ‘Unmount’.

If your on 5.05 follow as below,

  1. Input your PS4 IP address and click ‘Connect’.
  2. Click ‘Refresh Processes’, and choose ‘eboot.bin’ in the adjacent dropdown box.
  3. Click ‘Setup’, then click ‘Find Dirs’, then choose ‘slot0000’ in the adjacent drop down box, change ‘Read’ on the below drop down box to ‘Read/Write’ and click ‘Mount’ and minimize the application.
  4. Now go to your ftp client and connect to your PS4. Go to ‘/mnt/sandbox/CUSA13893_001/savedata0′ (if this directory is not there, check here /mnt/sandbox/NPXS20001_001/savedata0)
  5. Delete all the files that has a filesize of ‘0’ in them.(Don’t delete the ‘sce_sys’ folder)
  6. Go back to ‘Playstation 4 Save Mounter.exe’ and click ‘Unmount’.

After following the above steps,
Highlight Subnautica on the PS4 dashboard and press ‘Options’ on your controller and click ‘Close Application’. Then relaunch Subnautica and load the save file. Now there shouldn’t be any blank white screenshots once you go to the Screenshots on your PDA, and saving the current progress should work correctly without any errors.


[CUSA13893] Subnautica Update 1.10 Already Backported


Credits to DUPLEX for the dump!

Notes: 5.05 Backport! A backport requested done and bed time with me, cuz it was a long day of work! Night ya’ll


Pls fix the Update 1.10 6.72/5.05


it works on 6.72 without backporting, but will need a backport for 5.05.


thank you


hi, is the Update 1.10 for 6.72 ?


it works on 6.72 without backporting, but will need a backport for 5.05.

Here’s info from the 1.10 update,

Required System Software Version: 06.508
SDK Version: 04.500.000

ps: I have a minor lag when closing the pda after updating to 1.10, which didn’t exist in 1.09 update, so just a heads up for anyone updating.

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thank you


pls new update thanks


any update? Below Zero?


does not work when i install the games it does not finish and asks me to update my ps4 i downloaded the fix and when i want to install it it tells me to update my ps4 what do i do


Install it in correct order –> game+fix then update +fix
and launch it with a recent hen
Get the same issue as yours and it was fixed by doing this


how do I install the fix
I don’t know how because it tells me to update my ps4


funciona perfecto en 5.05 con el update, trae textos en español, muchas gracias por compartir.


Dlc please


Is this work well?


for 5.05 fix


here is the link to download the 5.05fix


Fix 5.05 please


5.05 fix please


could u pls add the 5.05 fix


please upload the game hollow knight


how about dragon qouest builder 2